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A published writer with a background in art and photography, Nicola has made three short films: Out of Milk, Colette, and The Barber, which have screened at major film festivals worldwide, won awards and secured distribution. She was awarded a scholarship for a screenwriting MA and selected for the London Film Festival's feature film talent scheme. Nicola is currently developing a feature film: The School Project; co-writing a pilot TV sitcom: Losing the Plot, and a single comedy: Soufflé. She has a comedy short film Something for The Weekend in pre-production and is writing a Y/A novel.


As a little girl I always wanted to be able to press the pause button on life, to hold that moment in my hands and understand it better before I let it go again. I love using the medium of film to show another way of 'looking'; highlighting what perhaps we don't pay attention to long enough to see. A director can steer an audience into new perspectives, enriching or challenging perceptions.

I have an art school background and filmmaking to me is a continuation of that: a means of expression; a way of creating something that speaks to people - reaches out and touches them - whilst encouraging discourse and debate.

I grew up loving the theatre and also performed. Always it is subtext and a character’s inner landscape that fascinates me. I want audiences to be witness to what is unspoken - creating an invisible umbilical cord tugging between a character and his/her audience.

Above all, giving voice to the female experience is at the heart of my interest in and reason for filmmaking.